6 (Legal) Ways to Get Free Textbooks

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get free textbooks
get free textbooks

One thing hasn’t changed this semester, despite the fact that everything feels different: the search for inexpensive textbooks at the start of the semester. Although the library does not buy books, we have resources to assist students in finding books online while upholding copyright. We have been able to assist some students in finding books for their classes in these locations, albeit it is not always guaranteed. Explore these resources and get free textbooks before your semester starts.


SolutionInn is one of the most legitimate and trusted websites for Get Free Textbooks. If you are seeking physical textbooks for free, there is no need to go anywhere else SolutionInn. It is the only platform that is providing US and UK students with free hard-copy textbooks for college and high school. Students can easily find here textbooks for math, science, or business also including books that are highly recommended and widely used among students. The service provider also offers free shipping which means students can get their financial burdens relieved with these amazing giveaways.

Course Reserves:

In case you didn’t know, there are some textbooks in the library. Some instructors loan students a copy of their books even when we don’t buy them. There are e-reserves in addition to the limited physical collection of textbooks the library has. Visit Listen Out Loud! If you want to learn more, check out Emily Akers’ Electronic Reserves that Read Alone.

Hathi Trust:

Millions of free resources are accessible through Hathi Trust thanks to partnerships with other research libraries, including UNT. You can browse their interesting collections, such as their Women Composers Collection or Library Science Journals, or search for books by title.

Google Books:

In Google Books, which bills itself as the most complete index of full-text books, I was able to locate a few textbooks. Even though there is frequently only a brief preview offered, it is still worthwhile to try because you might be able to find the same book in a local library.

Access Library:

Open Library, a component of the Internet Archive, provides access to over 3 million volumes, 18,000 of which are simply textbooks. Although many of the books may only be borrowed with an account, the website also offers free music, photos, and movies. 

Project Gutenberg:  

Thanks to Project Gutenberg, which focuses on older books with expired copyrights, I never had to purchase a book during my college studies. Project Gutenberg likely contains what you need whether you prefer to read classic literature or are studying English.

Interlibrary Loan:

While you wait for your textbook to come, do you just need a chapter? Interlibrary Loan may be able to obtain you a chapter while you wait, but they cannot provide you with a textbook for a class. Students at UNT can access books that the library does not already own through the free ILL program. This service is especially helpful if you only need one article or one chapter from a book, and virtual learners will find the electronic distribution to be convenient. 

Open Textbook Library:

Open Textbook Library is another popular website that is particularly designed for students to get free textbooks. There are thousands of free textbooks available here covering various subjects that students are taught at the graduate or undergraduate level. However, all these textbooks are in digital format. If you are comfortable with eBooks, this platform is the best to get your textbooks. Moreover, you can find here free PDF books that you can download easily. If you are interested in online reading, Open Textbook Library also provides textbooks to read online.

The Bottom Line

These websites are great and legitimate resources to get free textbooks. If you are looking for physical textbooks, SolutionInn is the best choice. For eBook fans, websites like Open Textbook Library and Project Gutenberg are most appropriate. Explore free textbooks from these resources and improve your academic performance with your hands on the highly regarded books.

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