ChartLogic EHR Vs. ZOLL emsCharts: The software analysis you were looking for

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As a medical practitioner, you have a lot of thoughts when you think about ways to improve your practice for the patients and your team. Finding the greatest software to assist your practice should be a top priority, as both of us know this and agree it should be. Are ChartLogic EHR and ZOLL emsCharts softwaretruly worth it, even though they excel at what they do? Look at it, shall we?

ChartLogic EHR Software

Healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, can access practice management software and electronic health records (EHR) through ChartLogic. Managing drugs, scheduling appointments, documenting patient records, capturing vital signs, and keeping track of patient visits are all tasks that healthcare practitioners can perform with ChartLogic EHR.

ChartLogic EHR Features


The voice dictation feature in ChartLogic enables you to rapidly write customized specialty-specific notes. With the use of the integrated PrecisionVoice technology, clinicians, medical professionals, and other administrators can take notes and expedite their processes without using a computer, pen, or pencil.

ChartLogic Labs

With the aid of the ChartLogic Labs application, medical professionals can fill lab orders, analyze results, make test groups for repeated testing, and generate reports all in one location. By establishing a connection with Change Healthcare’s Clinical Network, the ChartLogic Labs module connects hospitals and labs, eliminating the need for laborious point-to-point interfaces and administration issues.


The user-friendly dashboard of ChartLogic provides users with access to all pertinent data and displays the four essential components of the practice—Physician To-Dos, Patient Information, Managed IT, Active Care, and Calendar—on one screen.

ChartLogic EHR Pricing

ChartLogic offers services with monthly price tiers per provider that vary from $100 to $500. A particular price will be charged depending on the features and modules a medical practice needs.

ChartLogic EHR Demo

You may test out all of the features offered by a feature, as well as what they offer and how they operate, by using a demo. This is all made possible via a demo. So, carry it out immediately.

ChartLogic EHR Reviews

Acording to ChartLogic reviews, it has received much favorable user feedback and has been praised as HIPAA-compliant software because of how simple it is to use and comprehend the user interface.

ZOLL ems Charts Software

Electronic patient care reporting, or ePCR, uses a cloud-based software program named ZOLL ems CHARTS. In order to automatically and instantly collect patient data, doctors can use the EMR software to import demographic, health, and insurance data from multiple healthcare systems. The ability to record medical care remotely and upload data directly to the cloud is made possible by modern software features.

ZOLL emsCharts Features


Your medical director may be able to view your activity onZOLL emsCHARTS during the QA process. Furthermore, when a user skips a field or enters inaccurate data during the PCR process, this function alerts them. Furthermore, you can easily create filters to send the appropriate individuals to PCR reviews, which is even better.

PCR Updates

The proper location for your patients’ PCRs can be easily reached with the aid of ZOLL ems CHARTS. The hospital, the state, and the billing vendor can all receive the PCRs with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Workflow Administration

The software enables you to automatically provide data to your state while still adhering to data management requirements. With the program’s aid, you may manage the records of your patients and other important data in various ways.

ZOLL emsCharts Pricing

You can discover more details on the software pricing plans by choosing the “Get Pricing” option.

ZOLL emsCharts Demo

When you click the “Watch Demo” button, a live software demo of how to use the program’s features will appear. Downloading a trial or free version of the software is impossible.

ZOLL ems Charts Reviews

Online reviews for the program are overwhelmingly positive. Users laud the software, saying that it allows them to complete tasks more quickly, such as gathering or modifying patient data.

ChartLogic EHR Vs. ZOLL emsCharts Software—Final Thoughts

Rarely does an EHR system provide a voice note-taking feature that is reliable. Instead of writing down your medical notes on personalized templates, you may work more quickly and effectively on ChartLogic by speaking them aloud. Due to the fact that ChartLogic’s solutions are designed specifically for small to mid-sized medical practices, they may be a good fit for these types of enterprises. The high level of customization inChartLogic’s EHR system makes it simple for healthcare professionals to modify it to their needs and workflow.

Clinical procedures can be made simpler for medical professionals with its customizable and user-friendly features, ensuring a paperless workflow. Because ChartLogic is a cloud-based application that can be accessed online, users can use it from faraway servers. The software is now accessible to healthcare professionals with an internet connection from any device, making it simpler to use and keep updated.

If you’re a doctor who hates paperwork, the ZOLL emsCHARTS program’s comprehensive capabilities can be very helpful. Lists may be managed and updated, fields can be prioritized, and EMTs can change patient charts. ZOLL emsCharts helps managers route completed PCRs according to predetermined rules, input CAD and EKG data to fill out fields, and send PCRs to specific hospitals, state agencies, or third-party billing businesses. It has an automated feedback system that notifies crew members when fields in report documentation are incomplete or incorrect.

A mobile app allows you to record patient care from anywhere, and the ZOLL ems CHARTS Software makes it simple to upload data to the cloud. Furthermore, settings are not required to modify the user interface in any way. Consequently, ZOLL emsCHARTS software is the way to go if you’re seeking medical software that lets you compile and manage your patients’ information in one place.

With both the software and their evident differences at your disposal, many things about Zoll ems CHARTS and ChartLogic must be clear now. Even then, you are encouraged to not stop looking for your best fit and go through the demos and read reviews by real users.

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