How to Handle the Client’s Feedback in Ghostwriting?

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Ghostwriting is a highly specialized form of writing that involves producing content for clients who will publish that content under their own name. Ghostwriters work behind the scenes to ensure that their clients’ work is authentic, pure, and of high quality according to their needs and requirements. To enhance and improve your ghostwriting skills, feedback from clients is essential. In this way, clients can request changes in the style of content writing or provide feedback about your services. Comments can be good or bad, but ghostwriters must have the ability to handle the feedback of their clients. In this blog, we will discuss the best ways to handle clients’ feedback in ghostwriting. The main goal of ghostwriters must be to provide high-quality ghostwriting services.

Understanding Clients’ Perspective:

Before entering into the specifics of how to handle clients’ feedback in ghostwriting, it is essential to analyze and understand the clients’ perspective. As a ghostwriter, you are writing content for others and providing services, and clients are ultimately the ones who will be publishing the work. So, it is crucial to keep the preferences and goals of clients in your mind when receiving feedback.

Be Open-Minded:

You should take clients’ feedback as a suggestion to improve your ghostwriting skills. It is natural to feel defensive when receiving feedback on your work, especially when you have put a lot of effort and time into the project. However, you should receive the feedback with an open mind. You have to keep in mind that the client is the one who will be publishing the work, and their feedback is powerful in producing the best high-quality content. You should take their suggestions as an opportunity to improve the work, rather than as criticism of your capabilities as a writer. No doubt you are providing professional ghostwriting services, but you need to improve your writing skills with the help of clients’ feedback.

Clarify the Feedback:

When a client provides feedback on your work, it is crucial to clarify what exactly the client is asking for. When you understand their demands, you can write captivating and inspiring content according to the clients’ needs and requirements. If you are unsure about what the client wants, you can ask them questions about the changes they want. By clarifying clients’ feedback, you can save a lot of time and energy because feedback will help you decide whether you are on the same page.

Respond Promptly:

When you receive feedback from clients, it is essential to respond promptly. Ghostwriters always work according to the given deadlines. To work according to the clients’ needs and requirements, it is essential to receive their feedback for making progress in the project. When you respond to clients’ feedback, they are satisfied that you are working according to their suggestions. If you can’t address their feedback immediately, it is essential to acknowledge that you have received the feedback and will be working on it soon.

One of the most critical aspects of ghostwriting is maintaining the client’s voice throughout the content. If you don’t write the content according to the client’s needs and requirements, feedback from clients can help you understand their voice and style. This can be a challenge for ghostwriters when receiving feedback because clients may suggest changes that would alter the style or tone of the piece. So, before revising, you must understand the client’s voice and style properly because by keeping their voice in mind, you can quickly write the content in the style and tone they prefer.

Handling Specific Types of Feedback:

High-quality and authentic content should be free from mistakes and errors because only mistake-free content can be published at a higher level. Clients may provide feedback and suggest changes to the ghostwriters regarding structural changes, tone, and voice.

Grammar and Spelling Errors:

One of the most common types of feedback ghostwriters receive from clients is regarding grammar and spelling errors. Ghostwriters always try to present error-free content to their clients, but for a single person, it is very difficult to find and remove all the spelling and grammar mistakes. When receiving feedback from clients about errors, it is important to take responsibility for them and make the necessary corrections promptly. Through feedback, ghostwriters can improve their content writing by eliminating their spelling and grammar mistakes. In this way, they can also improve their professional ghostwriting services and provide high-quality content to their clients.

Structural Changes:

Along with the correction of grammar and spelling errors, clients may also request structural changes to the piece, for example, adding or removing sections or reorganizing the content. When receiving feedback for structural changes from clients, it is essential to consider the impact of these changes on the overall content. You have to analyze whether these changes will improve the quality of the content or satisfy the clients after considering their suggestions for structural changes.

Tone and Voice:

As mentioned above, maintaining the client’s voice and tone is crucial in ghostwriting. To maintain the tone and voice of the client, suggestions and feedback from clients are essential. Through these suggestions, the ghostwriter can alter the tone and voice of the piece. When receiving feedback, you have to analyze the impact of these changes on the overall piece. High-quality professional ghostwriting services help to work according to the tone and style of the clients after receiving their feedback. If you notice that the suggested changes will negatively impact the content, make sure to discuss your concerns with the clients.


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