Concentration exercises: tips and tricks

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All people need to learn to concentrate in order to be much more effective in their day-to-day activities. In addition, a good concentration helps improve memory and helps facilitate decision making. This is why concentration exercises are highly recommended.

organization at work

People who know how to concentrate more easily avoid the distractions around them. The mental level is higher and it is possible to retain and remember any information much better. This level will contribute to being much more precise and efficient, both at home and at work.

The best concentration exercises

Exercises for concentration and memory help people to make better use of their time. Due to new technologies, there are a large number of distractions around us that can easily make us lose concentration. The following concentration exercises help to put them aside to perform tasks with more quality and speed.

the habit of meditation

Meditation is a practice that reduces stress, improves memory and increases the ability to concentrate. To meditate, you have to set up a comfortable and quiet space. It is important to sit down and relax by taking deep breaths. In the background, you can play relaxing music or light a candle. The goal is to try to stay for at least 15 minutes completely relaxed and focused only on your breath. This daily habit helps improve concentration.

The organization

A good organization is essential to better face the day. Before going to bed or during breakfast, you can organize the tasks for that day. Knowing how to manage time is key both to gain concentration and to be more productive. In this organization, it is also necessary to include breaks and free hours so that the mind can recover.

walk and do numbers

Walking is one of the healthiest exercises for the body, and a practice that can be complemented with a very simple exercise to improve concentration. As you walk, you can count your steps in different sequences: five by five, ten by ten, one hundred by one hundred, etc. This way you will be able to be more attentive to your walk and you will make concentration and memory work at the same time.

the mental image

One of the simplest concentration exercises is the mental image. You just have to look closely for at least two minutes at an object around you. After focusing your attention on it, close your eyes and create the mental image of that object. The idea is to try to visualize it in all its details in order to better recreate it and check your concentration and memory capacity.

Do puzzles

In addition to being a very entertaining activity, doing puzzles helps to exercise memory and improve concentration. Its various pieces make you think, work logic, reflect and enhance reasoning and manual and mental skills. The memory and the brain are in continuous operation in this activity. There are physical and virtual puzzles that are among the best concentration exercises.

Word searches, crosswords, sudokus or self-defined puzzles

Hobbies have always been one of the best mind games, entertainment that boosts memory and improves concentration. In fact, they are even recommended by specialists to prevent the risks of cognitive deterioration. The longer the mind is active, the more concentration will be gained.

Tips and tricks to concentrate

Along with the daily practice of some of these concentration exercises, it is advisable to follow some tips.

  • Do not perform several tasks at the same time, since the brain and mental capacity become saturated (a good previous organization would be key here).
  • Improve sleep and rest habits at night.
  • Do not forget the times of leisure, relaxation and rest in the midst of daily tasks, which helps both the brain and the mood.
  • Disconnect for a while from work, mobile phone, social networks, etc.
  • Eating a healthy diet with foods that improve memory and concentration (cocoa beans, dates, nuts, oats, sesame seeds, lentils, kale, avocado, banana, blueberries, etc.).
  • Whenever possible, it is advisable to write with pen and paper and not with the computer keyboard, since writing by hand requires a greater concentration effort and information will be more easily remembered.
  • Board and logic games are one of the best concentration exercises. Learning to play chess, for example, would be excellent therapy. Not surprisingly, it is one of the games that requires greater concentration.
  • Concentration is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. To do this, nothing better than performing and putting into practice some concentration exercises. Training the mind helps to feel more relaxed and to gain productivity.

Concentration is something necessary for the study. Especially if we have to do it at home, with all the distractions that this can imply. Luckily, there are several methods to study at home that are very effective.



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