How To Write Narrative Essay? An Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Narrative Essay

Have you ever seen a child sharing the story of a school day with his/ her mom? Of course, you have seen as all of us have children around us. Have you ever noticed how children tell stories? As per my observation, they start telling what happened to them even without taking a short break for breathing. Narrative writing asks you ‘to tell the story in the same way’. No worries, you can breathe while writing a story in the form of an essay. Apart from jokes, you must have to share a story or narrate an event in your own way in a narrative essay. This article is all about telling ways to master narrative writing skills, so let’s get started:

What Are Narrative Essays?

Narrative essays are one of the various types of essays where you need to tell stories in the light of your own perspective and lived experiences. It must involve specific and sensory details so readers can see the situation through your eyes. Telling stories in an essay is called narrative as it asks an author to share a story in a particular way considered as ‘narrative’. It simply means the narrative is the representation of your story. Some students think the narrative itself is a story, which is not true. Actually, the narrative turns a story into information or influence so readers can understand your point of view.

Key Responsibilities While Writing a Narrative Essay:

By purpose, you must write a story in a narrative essay. But while doing so, you must take on a few additional responsibilities. Like why you are telling a story or what benefits a reader may get after knowing about your experiences of a certain thing or event. Furthermore, you must tell a story to guide readers about a particular phenomenon; thus, critiquing something must not be your task in writing such essays. Apart from all, you must write to inform readers by choosing an emotional or imaginative tone.

Steps to Writing Narrative Essays:

Like all other types of essays, the narrative style of writing also asks you to follow some preliminary steps before composing a draft. The preliminary phases pass through the selection of topic, selection of tone for writing, and making a good outline. However, the writing phase is all about putting your best into turning your outline into a perfect essay draft containing a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Let us see how to write a narrative essay by dividing the process into six simple steps:

Organizing Your Thoughts:

For narrative writing style, clarity in thoughts is one of the most important tasks. This is because; the purpose of writing this type of essays is to share your experiences with people. Thereby, without clearing your thoughts, you won’t be able to select a good research topic.    

Researching Your Topic:

The topic of an essay helps you to make a good first impression on readers by selecting the best label for your essay. An essay title must reflect the theme or central plot of a story. It is the titles of your research that help reader decide whether they should read the whole document or should step back. Thus, researching or brainstorming the best topic for your essay is also one of the preliminary steps of writing a narrative essay.

Write A Thesis Statement:

A thesis statement must be placed in the last few lines of the introductory paragraph but must be drafted in the preliminary stages. The thesis statement of a narrative essay must highlight the plot, setting, theme, and conflicts of a story.

Write Introduction:

Writing an introduction becomes easy after making a detailed outline. Outlines contain all points to be elaborated in an essay’s main body. In introduction you must set the stage so reader can know about the  upcoming content.

Compose Body Paragraphs:

The body of a narrative essay must at least contain three paragraphs for rising action, climax, and falling actions, respectively. Moreover, if you have more content to be added, you can increase the number of a paragraph instead of stuffing everything in one paragraph.  

Extract Conclusion:

The lesson or moral of the story are points that can eventually help you in concluding your essay in the right way. To make your story impactful, you must pay special attention to the concluding paragraph of an essay.

A good narrative essay writing always follows the best pattern of writing. For this purpose, you can also buy essays online by reaching renowned narrative authors worldwide.

Concluding Sentences:

After all is said and done, we can say narrative writing style is nothing more than describing an event through which you passed so the reader can seek advice from your experience. It allows you to be a bit informal and use first-person words to express your story. In the end, the more you adopt the emotional or imaginative style of writing, the more influential your narrative essay will be.

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