Why Dubai is the Perfect Place for Your Hair Transplant

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When it comes to hair transplants, Dubai has always been one of the most popular destinations in the world. Patients travel here from all over, ready to have their balding issues fixed and their self-confidence boosted again! But why do they come here? There are plenty of countries and cities that offer excellent clinics and top-notch surgeons—what makes Dubai special? The answer might surprise you! Here’s what you need to know about why Dubai is the perfect place for your hair transplant!

Reasons You Should Get Your Hair Transplant in Dubai

The Alborj Hair Clinic in Dubai offers a range of hair transplant solutions, and their team of expert surgeons are available to provide you with all the information and guidance you need to make an informed decision about your treatment. Here are five reasons why we think that you should consider getting your hair transplant in Dubai.

  • The quality of the surgery will be exceptional: High-quality healthcare is paramount, and at Alborj Hair Clinic they take pride in offering only the best of care to their patients. You can be certain that when it comes to your hair, they’ll do everything possible to make sure that your transplant goes smoothly.
  • They have one of the highest success rates on record: Statistically speaking, Dubai has one of the most impressive success rates when it comes to hair transplants. According to records from 2013, almost 90% of patients had successful outcomes following a procedure.
  • Its convenient and affordable: With flights running between Dubai and major cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and America on an hourly basis, travel isn’t going to be an issue for those looking for affordability as well as convenience.

Where Else Can I Get My Hair Transplant Done At?

Most people who want a hair transplant come to Alborj Hair Clinic Dubai. But some people choose to go to other countries, such as India and Pakistan. Some people think that it’s better to get their hair transplant done in these countries because they believe that the cost of doing it in Dubai is too high. However, they may not know that there are many cheaper options available in Dubai, as well. In fact, Alborj Hair Clinic offers many different packages so you can customize your treatment plan and find what works best with your budget. Another reason why Alborj Hair Clinic is a great place to get your hair transplant done at is because they have experienced surgeons who have performed over 5,000 procedures each!

Is There Any Other Option?

For some, hair transplants may seem like an expensive procedure that’s not worth it. However, there are many reasons why a hair transplant in Dubai may be preferable to a hair transplant elsewhere.

You want to make sure you’re getting top-of-the-line care from someone who’s experienced and has an extensive list of satisfied patients.

You want to know you’re receiving the latest technology in surgery, which is what you’ll get at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic (DCC).

You want to find a clinic that specializes in this type of procedure; DCC has been providing these services since 2005 and has done more than 10,000 treatments.

If I was to get it Done, How Would It Be Done?

Dubai hair transplant will be performed by a team of highly skilled professionals. First, they will examine your scalp to see where there are hairless patches and decide which areas of the scalp need work. After examining your scalp, you’ll have blood tests and an EKG. Once these medical screenings are completed, it’s time for surgery. Your surgeon will take small punches from healthy donor hairs in the back or side of your head with follicles that match yours on the balding area of your head. They place these tiny grafts close together so they merge together like an old-fashioned quilt as they heal

After all this hard work, most patients notice a significant improvement in their appearance within four months after their Dubai hair transplant procedure. Now that I know all about Dubai hair transplants I think this would be the perfect option for me!

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